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Wrought and 1080 work in progress


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I have been hurt and unable to forge much for a year. My strength is returning and it feels like rain on parched earth. Today I forged a 5/8 bar from a piece of 1/4 inch by 2 inch 1080. Then I split a piece of old wrought iron wagon tire and forged a 5/8 bar. I no longer have a welder so a wrap of wire held them together, makes for a nervous trip from forge to anvil as the wire melts off when hot enough to weld. Oh how I love lemon white steel that feels sticky and then turns into a solid color with each tap!  My hands are once more covered with tiny bits of melted sand that cracks like a 22 when the weld is set and it squirts out.   Life is good!  I cut the end off with a angle grinder like a seax at a 45 degree angle then forge it up so the 1080 covers the wrought to the point.  Here you see if it’s really stuck good. I think this will be a nice blade once etched this old wrought has coarse layers looks like wood. 





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