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Mounting a Guan Dao blade to a wooden pole

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Some time ago, I had a Guan Dao blade made by a blacksmith, at whose place I helped out, since it was my dream to experience the hammering and the heat of the forge in person. Guan Dao blades are usually mounted on wooden poles. My question is, dear Masters of the Forge- How can I mount this blade on a wooden pole, without having access to a forge, or welding equipment? All advice and comments are highly appreciated. Thank you. 


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Well, you're in luck, as neither a forge nor a welder are necessary for wood working. You have a tang that will fit into a hole in your wooden pole. You will want a collar on the outside of the end of the pole to keep it from splitting. 

My first inclination would be to find out how others are mounted and copy the method you find. Is this for use, or display? I hesitate to suggest something as I would do it if you intend to use it, as I don't have a good grasp on what forces your Guan Dao will experience in use. There are others on the forum who make weapons, practice martial arts, or both. I expect that someone will be able to give a specific procedure for mounting the head safely. 

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Here in the USA, no idea where you are at, it was fairly common in the early 1960's to have kitchen tables with gently tapering conical legs. I grab a few of them anytime I see them at the scrapyard as they make excellent collars and as they taper they can be hacksawed to fit.

Also I have sucker rod ends from water wells  where the rod is wood and the ends are steel and make excellent langets for pole arms. They do require welding of the tang to the end of the langet. (O-A, Arc, Forge,...)

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