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wierd business tax question


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But if you sell to someone within your state the state will want you to collect and remit sales tax. That will require a state license for sales tax. And the feds (and state if applicable) will want it reported as income for collecting income tax; if you don't make enough money, this is often not worth the effort for them to try to track down everybody so if it is a few hundred a year or less you may get away with it. And some states will require a license regardless (and will charge a fee for it).
Some states put a lot of information on a website.


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in Wisconsin if you sell less than a thousand dollars retail in a year it is considered occasional sales and no tax need be collected or reported. Uncle Sam on the other hand may get cranky if you neglect to tell him.

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Nice work. I thought about doing some online sales and craft fairs but by the time I got through looking into it there were more troubles then navy beans. I had to get a permit to operate a business out of the house from the county, cottage industry you know, a state sales tax number to purchase material at lower rates and not pay sales tax. I had to collect that from customers. I then had to set up an account with the Dept. of Economic Security so I could pay Workman's comp insurance if I got injured on the job. Then if I made sales at any of the local craft fairs I needed city tax numbers from each city. One of my problems was they all wanted the estimated first quarter sales tax up front. I told them I had no idea so they gave me one, $100, OUCH! That was from the four closest cities and the state. That would be required each quarter weather I made sales or not to keep me honest. I decided that Arizona was not the place to be an entrepreneur just to much manure. I guess that I just hate dealing with bureaucrats to much to make it in this market place. :cool:

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