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Differences between 2 Refflinghaus anvils

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I’m in the market for a 60-75lb anvil for museum outreach demos and I’m eyes these 2. They look almost identical except for their numbers, and the side on which they are stamped.   Anyone know what the difference is between them? The darker one has a nicer looking face, which is my preference of the 2. The other is covered in chisel marks.  I was considering a pig anvil because I love the look of them, but the idea of having to custom make and bend all its hardy tools to fit the curved hardy hole doesn’t impress me at the moment.  Maybe in the future when I have a better skill set. 

Also, does this brand have hardened steel faces?  Should I worry about easily denting it?

Thanks for the help 



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I would certainly take the darker one as well.  In addition to lack of chisel marks, the horn looks to be in better condition.  Refflinghaus are highly rated anvils, monolithic cast steel I believe with hardened faces.  Used correctly, assuming no heat damage to the face after production, you shouldn't be denting it.  Note that I'm no expert in identifying anvils, so can't confirm whether these are actually Refflinghaus products or some kind of knock-off, but suspect you should be fine.  What are they priced at per pound?

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Is Kanka double horn? I like the style and the 2nd horn is useful to me.

I'm up for options of brand. The main thing is that it’s lightweight for easy travel for demos, and not easily dented like my stake anvil which currently provides my flat horn. 

Edit——-I just looked at the Kanca 77lb and see it’s a double horn.  Definitely a possibility.


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