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So my love of knives started at a young age and at 12 I decided I wanted to make one. Made my first when I was 14 and over the last year I’ve made.  Decided to post some of my favorites I’ve made. Started out wanting to make knives but I got bored and kinda gave it up haha. I’ll keep this short and if you want more info on any of the knives just ask. To start there is my first folding knife made from padouk with my first cable Damascus. A brass stop pin and stainless steel pivot screws and barrel with 0.005” phosphorus bronze washers.  Next is the first knife I was really proud of. A hunting knife made from a old Nicholson file with walnut and brass pins. Next is my stock removal knife that I hated and won’t do stock removal again. 420 stainless Santoku. Bought the stainless ore heat treated online and I’m not 100% sure how hard it was but it wasn’t super hard or super soft. It holds an edge well so good enough for me. The handle is blood wood and ziricote. The next is a 5160 cleaver Santoku made for my first and only commissioned piece. Walnut handle with steel pins. Next is a twist pattern Damascus knife with a handle made of some old pallet wood. Looks like a burl. It has brass pins. Finally is my first Damascus knife. A small little puukko sorta shaped knife that was a tad funky but comfy and one of the sharpest knives I’ve used haha. Handle is purple heart and ziricote with copper.  These are my favorites of my around 15 I’ve Made. Whew that was longer than expected. Oops. 









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Thank you! I’m still learning the site as I mostly prowl the tongs and hammers sections haha. Found this area so I figured I’d share. Too bad most of the collection is scattered around haha. I’ve given away the majority of what I made. Some of its in my city. Some of it’s 300 miles away with family or friends and the commissioned one is around 900 miles away :) but I’d rather give them to people who appreciate them than keep them myself 

so it appears for me on mobile the twist knife appears really short and far when it’s actually fairly long and skinny. Not sure if it’s just me Or looks odd to others but that picture is a bit distorted to me. 

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