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KoL30 cured, and forge ready

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Thanks to Glenn and Frosty and everyone else who helped me with the Kast-o-Lite 30 process. I was able to easily install it as the floor to my gas forge. I let it set for far longer than it needed, using the plastic bag and spray bottle method. I fired it up today with both burners and let it run for maybe 4 minutes. I shut the burners off and am letting it set overnight. I heard a little snap and crackle popping when I turned the flames off, so that must be the water sizzling out of the KoL? No steam explosions occurred, but I didn’t run it for too long. Should be good to go?

This is far better than the fire brick floor that the forge came with, and now I can use the bricks as a shelf.


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You're welcome, it makes me feel good to help folk out so it's a win win for us both. It's good to go, KOL is formulated to be applied to hot furnace liners and will set and cure without spalling. This method is for repairs and doesn't reach max strength nor temp rating but it doesn't explode or flake off, it sticks and stays till there is time to shut the furnace down, cool and reline. This is one of the things that attracted me to the stuff.

No idea what the crackling was, maybe it needed to stay on longer to drive off more residual moisture but that's a guess. 

Frosty The Lucky.


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