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  1. All this talk about water is making me thirsty. Sans lead or any other toxic material, of course.
  2. Hello IFI. My name is Branden, and I’m a 42-year-old full-time pastor at a small church in Apollo, PA. We just moved to this area from further south of Pittsburgh. In September of this year (2019), my wife and I attended the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival. That’s nothing new or exciting since we always go, but this year I decided to spend more time at the blacksmith shoppe. Glad I did! I got connected to a local club who taught me some basics for free! I made an S-hook, a letter opener, and a key rack so far. I think every beginner makes those first. LOL Anyway, I’m hooked. I have wanted to blacksmith most of my life. When I was a kid, I loved playing medieval-themed video games and reading about “old time” European culture. As with any fantasy fiction, blacksmiths are always a big feature (it’s always the dwarves...why is it always the dwarves?). This is a lifelong dream being fulfilled. I may not have my own forge for some time, but I am smithing with a local veteran one-on-one now that winter is here. What an opportunity! I’m eager and willing to learn, and I’m also watching the prayer requests section closely. You can count on me to be praying for anyone and everyone here to the best of my ability and memory. Hope to meet many of you soon!