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Expresso machine switch

Jonah k

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Hey everyone
I got a small lathe and a mill last winter and have been quite busy with other obligations so I haven't really been able to use It that much. I have made a couple simple projects since I've had it just some shop chores but this is the first somewhat complicated project I have made. I thought it was pretty cool. This is the milk selector switch off of my wife's expresso machine. It broke about a year ago and I tried to glue it with epoxy a couple of times but it broke as soon as I put it on. So 4000$ worth of machine tools and 6 hrs of shop time later we have a sweet billit aluminum switch for our 30$ used espresso machine from the swap and buy. The project wouldn't have been that hard except the hole Dow the center is not round its half moon shaped, I dont have a rotary table yet so that was a bit of messing around. Anyways, this was a great learning experience project especially turning the eccentric portion on the lathe. And my wife was happy to get the expresso machine back.




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