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Something Weird from The Front Yard


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Here is something weird from the Old Man's front yard.. I wanted to make a nice long Seax since I am more or less burned out on the Japanese stuff...started out with some 1070, L-6 and some stainless heat treat foil..stacked it up and welded it...drew that out..split off the three bars and made the cores..Welded those all nice and solid then put on the steel edge and cut and formed the trip..This is where it went sideways..

I let my mind wander a bit...  Well more than a bit.. so I put in a yelman...then twin fullers..then a recurve and well..this was suppose to be a seax but it didn't quite go that way .. mounted it in forged phosphor bronze and a "fossil" Bos Taurus grip with bronze studs..the blade is just 31 ish inches...  Didn't turn out half bad for a mindless old man working in the jungle out in the front yard.. This one is destined for the Gator Cutlery Knife Show next weekend up in Lakeland... that is if it makes it that long..

This thing looks like something from ERB's John Carter series...

Hope the photos come out ok...I am no photographer that is for sure. 






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Tars Tarkas has expressed interest but he wants three more lust like it...

I tell ya ERB had the pre-pubescent boy market cornered with his writing.. All I can say is Tarzan (Tar Mangani) is much darker and nastier as written than as  he was  portrayed on screen..


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Shoot; I recently reread one of the original Tom Swift books, (Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone), and noticed how dated it seemed even compared to the Tom Swift Jr ones.  Pre TV there was a huge reading market for the teenage & younger kids.  (One summer when I was in high school I tried to read a lot of the books my Father had mentioned reading when he was a kid.)  

Often such works were wish fulfillment ones; especially during the great depression. Families had cooks and servants, teenagers had motorcars, lots of $$$.   I remember one of the air plane based ones where the brothers built their own plane with external funding as it cost US$10000!!!!! and took a  crew to fly it including one person whose sole job was to act as an engine oiler during flight.

Most had rather straitlaced moral values too.

"Hor Vastus," I said, placing my hand upon his shoulder, "you know best the promptings of your own heart. That I shall need your sword I have little doubt, but accept from John Carter upon his sacred honour the assurance that he will never call upon you to draw this sword other than in the cause of truth, justice, and righteousness." ERB "The Gods of Mars"

"The Dime Novel in Children's Literature" has an amazing listing of "series books" in it's appendix C.

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