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Hi KYCATS, what you have there is the top half of the heat exchange section of an old coal furnace. That was the top of usually three sections, they were common in the early 20th century and were made up into the 1940's. There was one in my 100 year old farm house but it was not usable without work so I disassembled it removed all the asbestos insulation and removed it from my basement. I still have it out back for some reason. They were well made would last 100 years or more but take up lots of room and lots of labor to stoke and maintain. Some folks call them an octopus furnace because of all the large ducts. Mine just had a 4 foot square ornate floor grate in the kitchen as the house is smaller. The previous owners had remodeled the house but left the grate in one of the barns. I still have it might make a table some day.

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Thank you direwolf. This was a basement of an old house. A buddy sent me that picture asking me if I knew what it was. Thank you for solving the mystery lol. I figured with all the knowledgeable people on here it was my best bet to figure it out. My searches were coming up empty 

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