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Is this a Punch ?

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First off, there is a form of farrier hammer which is like a ball peen but instead of a ball, it's got a spike.  It's used in a devilishly cool manner to pinch out some metal at the sides of a horse shoe, which is then pulled down over the edge of the anvil to form what they call a "clip".  As near as I can tell, the "clips" sit against the side of a hoof and keep the shoe oriented.  You might have one of those hammers.

Now it could also be a handled punch, but you're going to want to check the hardness on that tool before you use it as such.  Striking hardened tooling with your hammer is dangerous.

To the best of my knowledge, the main difference between a drift and punch is that a punch is creating a hole, whereas a drift is used as an "internal" anvil.  In most of the instances where I've seen the term drift applied, the tool in question did not have a handle.

So long story short, you've either got a unique hammer, or you've got a handled punch, all depending on the heat treating of the tool itself.

The photo leads me to wonder if the "face" of the tool is swelling outwards.  If so, you might want to dress that flush before using it either way as chunks can spall off and cause injury.

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