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I Forge Iron

hello wanted to introduce myself (the notice told me to)


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Hello just found this site and I have found it to be one if not the best site for disscussion and ideas for blacksmithing that I have come across. I am a 23 and smithing has become one if not the only thing I think or do during a given day as of now I apprentice with a blacksmith near by and the feelings I get from knowing that i am learning not only a skill but to be self sufficient is very rewarding to me but I just wanted to say hello and this is a great site.

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Welcome to "I Forge Iron" d1long85
I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so could you help me with your location information. You said you are from "owosso", and I am not familiar with that location.
Would that be Owosso, Michigan (MI)? :confused:
If so, there is a blacksmith group called the: Michigan Artist Blacksmith's Association - MABA
MABA, Michigan Artist Blacksmith's Association that you may want to check out also!
We would like very much to hear more about you and the training that your are undertaking.
We like photos (hint, hint,).

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