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I Forge Iron

doubled edged bevels are quite vexing. especially at ricasso


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Did you grind or forge the bevels? If you don't think it's cheating you can always make a jig for grinding them in. Being able to forge even bevels is not a strong point of mine. I don't make knives though really, but I'd still like to be able to do it well and consistently when I do get the urge. Unfortunately my time at the forge decreases drastically in the winter as my smithy is outside. The sad thing is I actually have time in the winter since my job slows down but the weather doesn't cooperate. Time for a temporary tarp shelter perhaps?


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this was an project i started back when i first started posting on here so i had some pretty rough bevels forged in but it might as well be stock removel, 60 grit belts. idk why i didnt just switch over to hand filing before i did any damage. also gotta line up the handle a little better with the pamal nut.might end up doing the old epoxy fill in trick with the tang waxxed to make up for empty space. i NEED to get a dress press vise but i can barely keep a regular bench vise on hand. broke 3 little ones in the past few months and my big cole vise is too heavy for my bench. need to work out a way to mount it but the way its designed is tough. 80 pounds just hanging off the edge

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