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Colorado Front Range Smithing resources?

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Howdy all,

I'm starting my journey in to blacksmithing at the end of this month. I'm looking for advice from people who live here on the Front Range on the topic of smithing supply resources. What are your go to shops for material, tools, and the like? I'm attempting to take a class in the New Year, but would like to get a little head start on heating some metal and making some doodads while I wait.

I live in Louisville and can drive in any direction for about an hour for the right resource.



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A quick web search for "steel suppliers Louisville CO," turns up a number of potentials. There's a Fab shop in Louisville and they'll have lots of drops. (pieces left over from projects too short to use but just dandy for a blacksmith.);) 

Give them a call before you drive anywhere and ask where you can buy a stick 20' length) of 3/8" sq. hot rolled. If the people you call don't sell retail they will know who does. Heck look in the Yellow Pages, the real paper telephone book, NOT ONLINE! Online directories are the home of targeted advertising so if you don't already  know what you're looking for it's too easy getting lost in things some marketer thinks you might be convinced to be interested in buying. Skip that and talk to real live humans on the telephone, the receptionist knows more about the business than the boss.

Oh and sending a request for specific information to 50,000 random individuals in 150 countries around the planet tends to get muddied up almost instantly. Eh?

Phone book, telephone, be nice and don't launch into a long story. Works a treat, honest it's how I work the problems.

Frosty The Lucky.

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