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I Forge Iron

Hi from Ohio


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I found the forum while doing some research on refractory materials for the waste oil furnace i plan on building soon and after discovering the amazing amount of info about all things metal and i had to join. I've been working with metal in one way or another since i was around 8 years old when i would help my dad pour lead sinkers on the kitchen stove (I know not the safest place). I want to thank everyone running and contributing the site for the knowledge I've gained from browsing the forums already, and hopefully I'll be able to give back as i progress.

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Glad to have you and welcome aboard. When I was about eight or ten I had a neighbor who supplied the local police department with ammo for their shooting range and spent many an afternoon melting lead. By the time I was twelve I was doing the reloading after school as a job for pocket money. I don't think it'd go over too well today but I'm glad I got the chance to learn how to reload. 

There's a mountain of info here you just have to look for it. Many questions have been asked already you just have to look for them. Don't waste your time using the search feature here. Use Google or Bing or whatever you prefer with the search terms you're interested in with iforgeiron tacked on the end. It'll save you a lot of time and aggravation.  

Welcome aboard be safe and remember it's supposed to be fun.


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