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advice help build in-store mezzanine in inexpensive metal

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hello I should make an internal mezzanine in my shop, I have two parallel brick walls I would like to place on it the beams on which to apply the platform.
wall dimensions: a wall is 2.20 meters long, 1.95 meters high and 30 centimeters wall thickness
the second wall is 1.85 meters high and 18 centimeters thick, the distance between the walls or width is 2.50 meters, as I realize that I use material, that load and capacity I could load on it thanks ...


mezzanino interno.jpg

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How high is the ceiling above the walls? From your description it sounds like there isn't much room for a shelf if it's only 10 cm. to the ceiling. Where I am a mezzanine has enough room to walk on under the ceiling, sort of like an industrial balcony. 

Are the walls connected to something behind them? 

If all you need to do is make a level platform a 10 cm. spacer on top of the shorter wall is easy enough. There are commercial wall brackets to hold beams and it's a short span so you don't need something large. Unless you plan on storing heavy things on it, say diesel engines or boulders. 

It shouldn't be hard to find salvage materials to build this though you might have to buy concrete anchors to attach to the concrete block walls. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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the whole place is 3.70 meters, calculates that I am 180 cm tall therefore, the walls are weak, I would like to find simple robust and cheap materials, maybe scaffolding pipes, what do you say how would you do spending a little money, but realizing a robust structure ? thanks for your opinion



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