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Can't regulate the gas lower...

Lasse Ballweg

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Hey guys, 

I'm new to the forum so I'll introduce myself, I'm Lasse a 19 year old blacksmith and tinkerer from northern Germany. I built my ribbon burner and I'm trying to tune it in now. 

First of all my blower is probably too weak right? It's just a tiny hair dryer but I'll get a new one with speed control soon. And I can't turn down my gas really low it's going down to 0,5bars and then it's blowing the burner out. And I also have a good 3' of dragons breath. Currently I have a 1.5mm hole as an gas intake. I'm happy for any advice 


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You need to be able to adjust both the air and gas supplies independently in fairly small increments.   A needle valve on the gas side will help and a valve or a bypass system on the air side will do.   You should not expect a one speed blower or a 2 speed hair dryer to be sufficient for controlling the air flow without some other means of fine tuning it.  My preference for controlling the air flow is a gate valve, but there are many options that will work.

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I agree with Buzzkill about the gate valve for air control.  I have a speed control on me setup and I found that this is not enough. Needed less air. Added a shutter to the  blower inlet and it was not enough. Added a gate valve to the air inlet at the burner tube and that finally gave me the control I needed over the air flow.

 A shutter on the blower intake will lower the load on the blower motor. 

 A gate valve would be were I would start. Cheap and easy. 

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