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First trial of my hammer eye punch.

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Recently I made a hammer eye punch from 1” round 4140 and I finally got to test it out today and it works much better than the 5/8” round punch I used to use. Goes through steel much faster and it’s easier for me to get a good hole. The hammer I’m working on is mild steel that I will forge weld carbon steel faces onto. I’m doing it this way because I ran out of hammer sized steel that wasn’t mild. It will be a cross peen 


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Got any farmers out your way?  A lot of implements use hefty square stock of medium carbon steel, my old landlord had one retired in place that was a 4"x4"x20' piece with a bunch of stuff hanging off of it.  Unfortunately he was doing too poorly to bug him about buying it and then I moved and I just learned that he died at 96 years of age.

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1 hour ago, ThomasPowers said:

Got any farmers out your way?

My whole state is basically a farm haha I’ll go out to the farm and do some scavenging for steel when I get a chance. I know there’s a bunch of large axles that will work well. I’m also doing it this way because I want to make a wrought iron hammer and I wanna forge weld carbon faces. This will be good practice 

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