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Help with Anvil Identification

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Could anyone help me identify the maker and the age of this anvil.  I'm new to blacksmithing and have been looking for an anvil for a year or so.  In my area there are not many that come up for sale and when they do they are very expensive.  I bought this one from a guy on CraigsList who had no information as to it's make or age but did weigh it at 217 lbs on his bathroom scale.    I hit it with a wire brush and wiped it down good with a rag and have done nothing else to it.  I can make out what I think are the words "Solid Wrought" and "Warranted" on the side of it and the numbers "43907" on the foot under the horn but see no weight markings or anything else to help identify it.  Any help you could give would be very much appreciated.  I have attached some photos to aid identification.  Thank you all so much for providing a venue where there is so much information for a novice.  I have learned so very much from your website.





















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I think you mean "London pattern anvils are expensive" in your area.  Folks have been smithing for around 3000 years all over the world on things that don't look like a London Pattern anvil. London Pattern anvils are only a couple of hundred years old and in a limited part of the world.  So I see it as folks saying they can't find a car to drive as there are no Studebakers for sale near them. (For example: look at the sword forging section in National Geographic's "Living Treasures of Japan" and look at what they are using as an anvil to forge katanas on---it can be found on YouTube.)

Anyway HB is a great anvil brand; I have a couple myself.  Please DON'T grind, mill or otherwise mess with the face! That little swale is a great asset if you ever need to straighten blades!

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