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Anvil Identification

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Hello Everyone!

So like most novices on this site, I'm looking for help identifying an old anvil I picked up for my first forge setup. The sides have been marked up badly so I can't make out any writing and I am hoping someone can identify by shape alone. Let me know if you need any more photos. I should note it is approximately 200 lb.







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What country was it found in? Just like used cars your used car is more likely to be a Lada if you are in Russia and a Ford if you were in the USA.

With that style of a bottom indent it's a good one! I'll let an expert do the differential diagnosis on it. Any numbers on the front of the foot under the horn?

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I've had anvils where the front foot markings were pitted beyond recognition. I figured they were used in a damp location by folks who never cleaned the scale from around their anvil.

The front of the foot stampings include a serial number that can be dated for some manufacturers. Others can be dated to a range by what the Logo looks like.  On the other hand the date doesn't mean much as far as using an anvil for an anvil!

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Welcome aboard, I also vote for the Hay Budden. Hope you have read about not doing any grinding, milling or welding on the hardened steel face. If you edit your profile to show your location, we won't dun ya for it when it would help with answers. This thread will help explain a lot about using the forum. READ THIS FIRST

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