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as stated in another post i made (just now!) i am a student of the art of Blacksmithing, and i am desperate to find as much work experience as physically possible, i am a mature student (30) with a varied and useful skill set to offer, i am based in Sussex but i am keen and will travel to the ends of the earth (well, UK, at the moment) in order to learn as much as i can and hopefully form some good networking for more use in the future, when i can offer a more experienced and better practiced worker.

i am greatly looking forward to any and all replies, offers or advice.

all the best


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IForgeIron covers over 150 countries of the world, and is a wonderful source of blacksmithing information.  The more you read and more information you gather, the less you will need to spend to get set up in blacksmithing. There are blacksmiths from the UK on this site, many of which give classes in blacksmithing. 

You may want to try for local information. Attend the meetings with a notebook and pencil in hand.

 BABA British Artist Blacksmiths Assoc.

 Blacksmiths and Metalworkers Association of the South West UK

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