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Leah Fuller - just checking in


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From the email

Things are fine on this end. We bought a new camper and stay gone most of the time. I have not built a fire in seven or eight months. We are home this week for a family reunion and will be on the road again in a few weeks. I guess I will be back in the shop one day.....when we wear the camper out.

Tell everyone "hello" for me.


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It does make you wonder when an active member of a forum (not just this one) just disapears, usually you have no way of knowing what happend, since we rarely know too much about forum members, a lot of times not even their real names, unfortunately someone could pass away or have a fatal accident and you wouldn't even know. I told my wife if something were to ever happen to me I want her to go on all of the forums I am involved with and let evryone know, just seems like the curtious thing to do.
Nice to hear she is enjoying her self, and there is nothing bad happening in her life.


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