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Hello Guys;


Wel today the guys at work were playing around with some huge chunks of soft pure copper in a mill. Then a guy asks me what they could mill for a testrun. At first I said a hammer, then he pointed to a stack of copper blocks with various hammer holes milled out. So I said "a hardie block?". Took me 5 minutes to explain what it was; but they were all in favor of doing something else (step-milling) then drilling in copper.

Now I have a really big hardy hole; 35 mm(1,4 inch). So this thing is 55 mm (2,2 inch) square and 40 mm (1,6inch) high . Weighs about 1,5 kilo or 3 pounds.

I had to hammer it in the hardie hole a couple times, hence the hammer marks covering the machining marks. Now other then cutting it up for other things, is this usefull ? It sits really tight, it has several usefull 90 degrees angles, and I can use a top cutting tool without fear of damaging the cutting tool (haven't found a top cutting tool that could even scratch my anvil).

Soooo is this thing usefull ? It was free, so nothing lost except half an hour of my time. I also took the rest of the copper "test-pieces" home; trading stock :D


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