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i have a mandrel I’m trying to put a price on. I realize location and availability are driving forces, not to mention shipping. So, here are the factors; I am in Northern California, the mandrel is 42” tall x 13” at the base and 3” at the top. It weighs 215 lbs. it is a 1” thick casting. It has no mounting flanges, no tong groove. Clean surface. Aside from shipping, buyers responsibility, what is a fair and reasonable price? 

Thank you in advance,


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Just curious--the photo appears to show pretty heavy wear making the surface wavy..or is that just the image...or original to the piece?  Though it won't really affect use, it might affect perception and therefore pricing.  Possibly a wipe down with something that reduces the look of the waves (maybe just a lightly oiled rag) could reduce that perception a bit by evening out the surface coloration.

Pricing is going to be hard on that one because it's one of those things where the right buyer might covet it at high prices where 99% of others might only buy one if the price is so good you simply can't pass.  My guess is that you'll have to decide what it's worth to *you* and then just take offers..and if one comes in above your own value, take it.

It's just standard operating procedure that the minute you sell it, someone will come up and tell you they would have paid twice as much.  That's one of the immutable laws of selling stuff.

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Thanks Kozzy, 

paint and oxidation. It does look wavy, just a bad pic. The foundry does not do much finishing work beyond gate, spur and part line grinding. 

i think I’m going with $700. Or best offer. With offers taken til a set time. That should separate the serious-not serious buyers and force a bidding war at zero hour. I can only hope it will be be a gentlemen’s auction. Ive been disappointed, sad but survivable.

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