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Portable Coal forge

Broad River Forge

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Nice looking forge.  Very clean design.  I would make two suggestions: (1) put on some swing down handles for ease of movement.  Get some 1" pipe, flatten one end, drill a hole in the flattened end and bolt it through the non-wheeled legs.  You can drop them out of the way when not using to move it.  (2) either replace your hammer rack with round rod or grind a radius on the top of each one.  The edges on the bar stock will chew up your hammer handles in no time.  Not a problem, of course, with the tongs.

You will like those big wheels, particularly if you move over soft ground.

Some folks will recommend some 2" or 3" flat bar (removable?) for sidebars to keep your coal on the table.  That depends on how messy you are shoving coal around on the table.

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A nice looking forge indeed. Might make an expanded metal shelf for the bottom, never have enough places to set things.

It's got the drop down handles, made out of flat stock. Easy enough to put some short pieces of garden hose or similar to make hand grips and make the handles more comfortable or get creative and make twisted baskets.:)

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