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  1. looks like a ball park 70kg hammer. thats about the right horsepower too based on the Ajax and Prako hammers that one is similar to.
  2. i have fork truck tines on my 60 pound tire hammer for about a year and i use all different tooling as well, dies are holding up really well with about 20 hrs of use on them a week for about a year now and no deformation or cracking. I used them as is figuring id replace them easily enough if they didnt hold up but theres been no issue. i make damascus and forge mostly tool steel under my hammer too. All tines are different so try it out, dont expect much and you may be pleasantly surprised
  3. Good Idea for the expanded mesh down below, also the radius on the flate bar for the hammer heads. I actually made the swing away arms like your suggestion they just hide pretty well. but gonna incorporate those ideas into the build
  4. Finished up and ready for some demos. 2'x3' table with drop away handles and large tires make for a really easy to move portable coal forge just right for demos or smiths without a dedicated setup.
  5. Good fun the past weekend putting the press and the hammer to work welding up a damascus billet 1.5"x4"x3" of 18 layers with a friend! Sorry, i have no idea how to rotate the video now that its done. I filmed it with my camera sideways.... IMG_0667.MOV
  6. Here is the result of 2 years imagination and a year building. It far exceeds my expectations and Im extremely happy with the machine. I will make more vids of what it can do. It expands the capabilities of a mechanical hammer and addresses the major issue I did not like about mechanicals... Height adjustments I did not enjoy doing. The configuration allows for maximum power regardless of thickness and closes the gap between a self contained and a mechanical. enjoy
  7. I would give up to $1500 canadian for it but the price is all in the eye of the beholder. cost to saint john will probaly be about a grand if you had it shipped. Look forward to hearing how it goes for you
  8. I made one myself for my Canadian giant 25 pounder, If you still need info i can send pics and a description of how i built mine, no lathe or milling unit just a welder and hole saw needed. worked great
  9. its really subjective, some hammers sell for a small fortune like a little Giant 25 pounder will go for $5000 and a 250 pounder may go for the same. I purchased a basket case from Manitoba 2 years ago for $1200 and had it shipped to mid western ontario for $500, rebuilt it and made parts for it then traded it with a person for a 75 pound beaudry. I had to make a bunch of components for it but didnt mind and now that ive rebuilt a few hammers wouldnt mind doing more. if the sow block is cracked or frame is cracked or has any major structural damage I'd offer a little more than scrap rate but if its all there and good and wont take alot of repair then a couple thousand is not out of the park regardless of what size it is. definitely send more info, if you pass let me know im always looking for an orphan powerhammer who needs rescuing, time and attentrion.
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