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Arm and Hammer (I think)

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Can anyone help ID this anvil.   Based on another site a Gentleman thought this was old Arm & Hammer.   Side logo is all but disappeared but I can see a 17 and stamped on the foot is stamped either 1214 or 12140.  The 0 is hard to see if there.  He also thought he could see the remanence of the Arm logo above the 17 but I could not. 

I assume the weight is 170 pound'ish based on the 17.  Its welded to a very sturdy base and the whole thing very heavy. 

Has great bounce even though look like it got hit by a touch a time or 2.     I got it from a old welders estate. 

Best part, it cost me $100 as the folks who had it said it wasn't worth much being so rusty and beat up.


op side .jpg


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Two things:

First, please put your location in your profile info.  You might have someone right around the corner from you who could help you more directly.  Go to the "Read This First" thread.

Second, a clear photo of the other side might help those with more knowledge than I in helping you identify your anvil.

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