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Coal Mine in NE Oklahoma

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I have been looking for a source for coal and recently ran across Phoenix Coal Co. in NE Oklahoma near Vinita. Their website says that they can offer coal in 50 lb. bags. Here is the analysis from the website: .6% sulphur, 12,000 BTU, 10% Ash and 10% Moisture

Has anyone used coal from this mine and is it good for blacksmithing?



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The Vinita mine is where the NW Chapter of BOA (Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas) sources their coal for years. I like it and forge with it all the time. Their coal is bituminous. You can buy in bulk. Our coalmeister buys about 10,000# at a time, I have picked up around 900# on occasion. Take a pickup or trailer and get enough to last. They will load you out with a loader. I am not aware if they sell bagged coal. Your contact at the Vinita mine is "Sandy"...she handles the coal sales at the mine. Great folks.

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JD60, if you (or anyone else) would like more info on getting coal at the Vinita mine, please PM me.  I've made quite a few trips there.  Posting publicly here on the forum would probably be considered advertising and a violation of the TOS.

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