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Currently working on my new ribbon burner forge build. I put an initial layer of around 1/2 of Kastolite 30 on top of my kawool, after I let it dry to gently rubbed off the crumbly sections to see what was solid. I chose to add another layer since it seemed thin on the forge floor. Should I add another layer on the roof? It seems solid currently, and there's just a few small patches I have to fill in. I've heard that I could potentially cause issues with having two layers of Kastolite? 


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The more you add, the more fuel it'll take to bring your forge up to temperature. KOL and other refractory cements will soak up the heat. As such you'll use more fuel to get it up, but you can also use less fuel to keep it at temp versus using bare wool.

Having a thicker floor than roof is normal, because the floor takes more abuse. I know this post if a few weeks old, and sorry I didn't see it sooner to chime in, but I wouldn't add more to the roof. That'd be in my opinion a waste of materials, and a waste of fuel to heat that extra mass up. Stick with your 1/2" and slightly thicker floor.

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