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Cat Head Hammer revisited


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Heller Bros. corrugated pene hammer? irnsrgn, what was that used for?
Oh, and the Champion electric sharpening hammers, how were they used? I see no cord or battery pack.;)

Inquiring minds what to know.

Thanks for the post, I love looking at old catalogs.

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I saw one of these "cat's head hammers" while helping my uncle with the forge demo at the New York State Fair last summer. Didn't know what in the world it was, now I do.

For those who don't know and have the capability to go - The New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY, is in August every year. There is an antique forge restored brick by brick in the "Carriage Museum" that runs every day of the show, courtesy the New York State Designer Blacksmith Association (of which I am a member). I'm due to help with the demo 2 (possibly 3) days this year. Definitely Aug 25 & 26 - possibly 24th too depending on the "day job". We run several hour-long demos during the day between 10am and 4pm. If you're there on one of those days, please introduce yourself!


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Thanks for that catalog scan. I was involved in another thread here where no one would believe it was a cat's head hammer. I posted some scans of a Sears and Roebuck catalog page, they called it a chicago pattern farrier's hammer, but I still like the cat head name. Now just wish I could find one for myself.


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