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Anvil ID (or 2), just out of curiousity

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Just wondering out of curiousity sake, I picked this up a few months back, just got round to cleaning it up a bit today and wondered if anyone had any ideas to a maker.

Only markings that I can find on it are the hundred weight stamps, and theres initials stamped at the bottom near one of the feet. Been over it top to bottom and cant see any other distinguishing marks to my eyes. Its been suggested its possibly an Isaac Nash?




I have another I picked up around the same time but cant find any clues to any markings on that one lol (figured I'd also included a picture of it)61296322_10157338401238410_5670746213985550336_o.thumb.jpg.d8f55d0dfedf92ce6aabba78de458c49.jpg

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3 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

LOCATION?   (If you are trying to figure out the make of a used car; knowing if it is in Russia or if it's in the USA can make a difference.  Same with anvils.)

Im in the UK

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I used to work with a native glaswegian speaker; I remember him flinching whenever we stepped out of our office building in New Mexico for lunch and demanding to know what that "great big blindy thing" in the sky was. (I guess he acclimated as his next location was in Australia!)

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