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two piece dies; dovetail and anvil ?

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is there anything "wrong" with designing/building a two piece die; with the dovetail part bolted to the striking part of the die ??   Seems to me the hardest and thus more expensive part to machine is the dovetail section... Then the striking section could be a "chunk of metal"  found at local steel pile/store/ebay/junk and then drilled, tapped and assembled to the dovetail.  Or am i missing something....  ??

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thanks for the info/suggestions... i wasn't aware that Little Giant made these. Upon investigating i see that they have the bolts on the sides, heads facing towards the "outside". I was thinking having them in the body of the dovetail, thus fastening thru the dovetail itself, the threads being in the die.  My drive is that i have a length of S7 steel, plenty for making a few dies, but not quite thick enough. If i could bolt on a dovetail onto these then i'll be OK.  The hammer i bought this past spring in missing its dies and the sow block. What do you fellows opine; for the sow block... should i build one up using thick bolted-up steel plate sections (standing vertically), or have one cast and machined (more expensive). Do i need any "special" steel if i go with the build up option ?  (BTW; it's so great to have this forum, where one can find a "big brother" to help around and make intelligent suggestions.... thanks-a-million ! )

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