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Greetings from central Alberta.

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Hello, I'm 23 and signed up maybe 3 min ago. I have 0 "experience" in blacksmithing but I've previously been a welder and metal worker. I grew up on a farm by round hill Alberta for 3/4 of my life and recently dug out an old fire pot forge table from the Bush. Ive simply restored it and have the basics of what I need to start; hammers/ cross and ball peen, 2 sets of tongs, an anvil and coal. I have a general idea of what to do but am lost as to where to start, I've watched alot of videos but they quickly transitioned from basic education to watching masters work with no direction and just fantasy. Once I start looking at the more technical side I realise making as sword is more dangerous then anticipated, I can beat out a rough shape and am skilled with a grinder but as for the heat cycles, the temps, the stresses and everything else you can't see its beyond me. I'm looking for direction and a mentor in a sense, someone to task me and give me a direction and to report back to almost. I was a cadet for 7 years and have heavily wanted to pursue a military of police career, i take order and direction like gospel. I also read alot of forms and this seems to be the "realest" place. No joking or belittling, to the point, informative and kind, I'm very excited to get involved and grow with this community and hobby with hopes to guide and teach newbies of my own. Thanks for reading I'm eager and waiting for your response lol.

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READ THIS FIRST It will explain how to get the most out of the site.

Read the BLADESMITHING section of the site.  Read the several topics on Knife Making, and then move on to the Swordsmithing section.

It is a lot of material and will help you understand and build a data base of knowledge. 

These are a couple of books that explain knife making.  Introduction to Knifemaking and Knifemaking 2.0 Advanced Studies in Steel 

Welcome to IForgeIron and thank you for the kind words. Pack a lunch and a cold drink when you visit the site. (grin)

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Welcome... There is a section here about blacksmithing videos. I would recommend them to anyone newcomer and experienced smiths alike.  There is a lot of You Tube videos that are actually dangerous so stick to the recommend ones until you can separate the wheat from the chaff.


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