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Mystery metal

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So my uncle got this from my late grandfather's house. He thought it was stainless since it wasn't rusted bUT was with a bunch of rusted steel. He says it's extremely difficult to drill and when using a torch it throws a lot of metal. The holes in it were made with 7mm mag. He says it doesn't spark hardly at all from a grinder either. Any general ideas? If it helps my grandfather was a machinest and probably got this from work. 


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Sure, it looks like it Could be stainless. What are your plans for it?. Looks like one of those awkward to use pieces. Stainless can be areal bear to drill. I got a bunch of stainless steel from my grandfathers estate. He built fire trucks among other things. Wasted a lot and still have some I'm saving for the right projects. 

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