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I Forge Iron

yay for scrap steel!!

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well in the past cupple days i have been scavenging arround my dad buisness... before he bought it it was an old ty-crop building were they built and fixed trailers...when they sold it they left about 80 tons of scrap steel!!!
also lots of HUGE brake drums.... like the ones from busses...
i have sofar gotten a 1 inch thick piece of square thats 10 feet long..
A 5 foot long piece or 1 inch round...

6 12 foot long pieces of 8th inch sheet steel..

about 10 3 foot pieces of 1 inch round and some 2 inch by 9th inch thick pieces that are 2 feet long...

also theres about 150 feet of 3" C channel

Theres more but i just havent gotten it yet...
anyone have any ideas?

i am planning a walk along the RR tracks soon to get some spiges and whatever alse i can find....

theres lots of little scraps that i wish i could sell off real cheap to metal casters but my dad dosent like the idea of me making money off his steel!!

i get all the steel for free anyway soo......

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Now lad all you need is a couple of tons of coal and time to hone your skills and you are set for the summer. Have fun before your old man sells it off. You can make a nice forge out of the brake drums and if you have enough scrap then you can make junk yard power hammer. What fun!:D

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I can think of multiple uses for all that 3" channel. Possibilities are endless. Weld it together facing each other, you have an upright for a treadle/junkyard hammer. Could be legs for a various array of stands. Table legs, vise stand upright, etc. etc. Get creative, dude! Ok, back to reality.......

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Great score on the free steel, now learn some techniques and make your dad something! :D

BTW, you might want to check on the law before taking that walk; in many countries it's a serious offence to do so (certianly the US and the UK it is). Shame but there we go. (I live near the tracks and know there's quite a lot of clips (good spring steel) and other bits of 'junk' very near to the road. Shame it's also near cameras and a station...

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well ya again... today i found a 2 inch block of steel wile clipping the prickles... it measures 1 foot by 1 foot and weighs about 45 or 50 pounds!.
anyone got amyidea what i can use it for?
maby a beater anvil...
i allreaddy have a vulcan so i dont need one

hey matt...

loll get a LONG pole with a heavy duty magnet on it and start fishin!!!! ...

the law here requires being 20 feet away from the tracks soo i have decided on keeping my spare coal money instead of payin the fine

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If you have a lot of scrap metal, you might sell some of the stuff that's of no use and buy good stuff. I have a cooperative scap yard near by, where they will let me walk around and pick up anything I want. They sell everything at scrap prices.

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