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Anvil Stand Again

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I really like the idea of the truncated pyramid with sand for damping. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around this--?? When you are building this style do you cut a compound bevel on the verticals that also slant inward as they go UP? I was thinking about getting a long 2 x 16 and making a strong base that could use double-locking casters and making the same material be the verticals. Thanks for any help. BTW- picked up my 100 pound Vulcan today. There is one edge chip on the off side( I have the horn to my left so this chip is at the heel and closest to me). Otherwise, edges as crisp as can be. No flaws anywhere else. Not beat up. I will have to open up the hardy to a true 3/4"- more like large 5/8th" now. The V & B will sit in a corner until I become so famous I need two stout anvils going all of the time-wink- mike

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You'll be surprised how handy it is to have two working anvils by the forge, especially if you're using any hardy tooling.

This is the anvil stand I built last week. The hammer rack wedges the anvil into the stand a little, it's not really tight but does take up the slack.

I was pleasantly surprised how quiet it is, even without sand in the legs, magnets, chain, etc. All in all, I'm pleased with it. :)

The anvil is chained to my engine hoist ready to load for last weekend's demos and iron pour. Without the engine hoist I wouldn't've been able to get my small anvil in the truck so I'm really happy about finding it at the yard sale for reasonable. :D



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Ended up cleaning the garage shop- and with all of that room to move, got going and built the stand from Jock Dempsey's site. It came together nicely- has 4 heavy duty casters. I will be adding something heavy in the box - more to counter any top heavy issues. The Vulcan has really good bounce and does not ring to the extent it will drive the neighbors crazy. I plan on building another stand dimensioned for the V & B- heavier duty casters and a more spread out base. With the hardy now adjusted to properly fit the bulk of those tools I feel more confident and ready to heat and beat.

I want to thank all for the good suggestions. I may still build a metal stand, but I had the 2 x 12 lumber and 5/8" ply . So I used it and freed up space at the same time.mike


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