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I need help for heat treating an anvil with a cast ductile body and a 6150 plate top

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Sorry for the confusion, this is my other anvil. The top was bolted on since 1993. When I took the top off (long story) the bolts were still tight but the machine shop that milled the two mating surfaces left a 0,003 gap that gave it a hollow sound and no bounce. The 6150 top I sent out for flame hardening had some JB weld inside filling a hole they miss drilled.


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Well if the top is removable you are not heat treating an anvil you are heat treating a plate and then probably sending it out to be surface ground as HT often distorts stuff a bit.  In general such situations are not cost effective. I've know folks to spend more than it cost to buy a new anvil or a used one in better condition.

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