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Howdy! I have been lurking, reading the threads here for a while, and learning a great deal. A year ago my wife and I quit our state jobs and moved to Buffalo, Wy, where she had a job opportunity. We both were from the flat corner of the state, and yearned for mountains and a small town atmosphere to raise our children. You never know how one decision can lead to many opportunities. I had been dinking with a little metal craft (headache racks, generator cages, tool stands) and having fun, but it was slow going trying to learn it all on my own. Last fall I got the opportunity to work for a local shop welding, fabricating and doing some work at the forge. I love it, nothing has ever worn me out nearly everyday, yet occupied my thoughts so much. I work with a couple of guys that really know their stuff, and I am picking up so much. I have graduated from shop sweep, grinder boy, to having my own projects (mostly bar stools and chairs, but I am looking forward to doing chandeliers). I just set up my own gas forge in the garage, and have been making plant hooks and tongs, trying to use up all of the scrap steel I haul home from work! I am looking forward to developing some of my own designs, and getting 220 out to the shop, so I can weld easier/ run larger tools. Anyway, great forum, nice to know that people still care enough about a craft to share their knowledge.

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Howdy form East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! You are to be commended for making a life changing move as you and your wife did in order to better your children! Good going! Also, it sounds as tho you have be afforded an awesome opportunity by being able to work with some knowledgeable folks and learn an art as rewarding as this. Good luck and as the first man I worked for in this used to tell me..."Keep your mouth shut and your eyes and ears open, you'll learn a whole lot more." He did say after I have watched and listened and still had a question to ask it then. Once again, welcome. OH almost forgot....we do like pictures!! :)

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Buffalo, welcome to IFI

Yes, there is a singular satisfaction in creating something from start to finish.
That's why I like blacksmithing.

Bruce, I have to agree with you.......I've wondered for some time if the 'fast track' doesn't lead over a cliff!

I'm 52, maybe it's just an 'age thing'.........

Anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of blacksmithing, Buffalo........ENJOY!

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