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Looking for Ribbon Burner recommendations on size and placement.

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If you want to do blacksmithing as well you might consider a tabletop forge. It allows for lots of different sizes. Take a look at pages 39-40 of the Forges101 thread (start at middle of page 39)  for an interesting build by Jungle671. On page 39 I posted a link to another similar build. Google FlemmingKnives dot com, shop tour. Haven’t built one but looks very versatile!

My 12” deep has only 22 ports and I can weld with it. It’s only that long because I often make  with 12-14” blades and swords (which I can still do on my 8” long forge - sword have a vertical kiln I use for hardening). I only have 1” ceramic fiber around the sides with K26 insulating brick on the bottom.

I suggest you go with a shorter wider forge...maybe 8-10” deep and only 2” of ceramic fiber giving you a diameter of 9.5”. This gives you more room for wider blacksmith projects, while still being reasonable size for knives. That gives you between 400-500 cubic inches. A standard sized ribbon burner should work fine for that. Put sliding bricks or a door on the front to allow you to open it up for larger blacksmith projects. 


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