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Blacksmithing Pins

Donal Harris

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It could be just a “small sample size” thing, but most of the really cool blacksmithing pins seem to be from Russian websites. Has anyone else noticed this?  

They use an algorithm to drive the pins you see. If you click on a particular type of pin often, you will quickly begin seeing pins of that type more often than other types of pins. So it could be as simple as that. If the pins are those of Russian blacksmiths, there are an awful lot of amazingly gifted blacksmiths in Russia. I really wish I could read the language without Google Translate.

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Cincinnatus, not trying to hijack the thread but your are the closest smith I've found so far and I just wanted to say hello. I'm located near Florence KY. Dry ridge actually but you may not be familiar with that town. I don't know anyone else involved with blacksmithing and as a beginner would appreciate any help or advice you would care to offer. Let me know if you ever get across the river into KY. Perhaps we could meet up and talk metal. Pm me anytime and sorry for being off topic.

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