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Some of my work


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Here is some of my work as you can tell I still have a lot to learn but learning and expermenting is most of the fun.
The first is a pic of a small skinner then a picture of a camp knife I still use when doing dutch oven cooking both of them were made from a train sping. The third is my first damascus knife which I made in a class taught by Ray Rybar a Master bladesmith. Finally is a tomahawk I made from a torsion bar for my Nephew who is in a ranger unit in Afganistan. Thanks for looking, any comments welcome






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Thanks for sharing. This for sure shows the value of spending time and money for a class with someone well advanced in the industry. If you want to get ahead in any area of forgeing a bit of shop time with someone like Ray is going to shorten your learning curve by months if not years. That is mighty fine damascus. What are the contents and layer count if you do not mind?

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Rich: I do not remember the count I think it was about 75 then twisted. Ray Rybar made the damascus blank on this first knife while I watched. I then forged the knife blade fom a 1/2" square 3" long blank myself. The handle is mesquite burl wood.

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I especially like the Tomahawk! I love the sleek and graceful curves :)

Is he allowed to bring this kind kind of gear with him?

He is in a ranger unit and he said they can carry Tomahawks I don't know if he has to take special training or not.
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