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Katana Forging; Traditional


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Pretty good, a few issues---like the billet heats from the inside out in the forge or other swords are not made from differing steels. However a lot of great information too; like the conserving of carbon content and how the carbon content decreases with the welding and forging!

A marvelous example of NOT needing a London Pattern Anvil and a Marvelous example of a charcoal forge design and forge welding using it!

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I enjoyed it very much, but a few things were off.   Too bad the narrator doesnt know the difference between heating and smelting (around the 6 minute mark) then the comment about straw ash being used to prevent over heating is a bit out there as well as the tempers the blade by quenching statement, It is possible its all translation errors made in the English version of the readers text.

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Not as bad as some I have seen; I remember one where JPH's comment was to the effect  that it was very good *IF* you turned the sound off and just watched what they did and ignored the commentary...

What I really liked was: the design of the forge for charcoal, the use of pine charcoal, simple bellows air provision and the use of a "block" anvil to make an exquisite sword.  Refreshing after all the folks telling us they can't forge a knife because they cant get---coal, a london pattern anvil, a blower, hardwood charcoal, etc and so on.

Translation can be a big issue; I once had to review some earthquake bracing plans sent to us for a Japanese installation---all in Japanese.  Luckily I found a native Japanese speaker who worked in our company and could read it---but she brought along a technical Japanese Dictionary, (Japanese to Japanese), as she had no background in mechanical engineering.  I still remember one remark that "this was like where a ship goes????" Which I realized was steel "channel" and say---"Good, what are the dimensions?"  As might be expected it was a superb design for earthquake bracing; but I still had to review and "bless it".

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Iv seen this video... and the most annoying thing is trying to find an actual forged sword meaning it has the tapers... 70% as he puts it. you only get that effect with a proper forging technique to do it, which annoyingly enough every time a katana build is posted it has neither... which is to say just about everything everyone seems to make is little more then a strait bar that's got a hamon on it.

not to mention the wrong lamination's...

I dont flame every katana thats posted but I do alot of eye rolling and sighing in disappointment at the "lack of smithing..."

It effects balance, the performance and structural integrity.

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Not to mention that using a power hammer doesnt make the ripples in the layers having to hand draw it makes another point of structural integrity on any blade, though I have seen a pseudo effect by the better smiths in how they draw it but its still... even.

not to mention the ascetic qualities, 

which leaves me stuck hand forging steel because I cant buy something that is not made... lmao.

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