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Peter Wright anvil

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Well howdy neighbor. There are several members on IFI here in the Ozarks. Do you use that anvil? How about some more pictures of it, you might deduce that we love pictures. If you are interested in blacksmithing you might want to attend some BOA (Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas) meetings. The next NW chapter meeting is going to be held in Fayetteville Sat. the 12th of Jan. If interested send arkie a PM for details.https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/187-blacksmith-organization-of-arkansas/

We would love to have you come, a great bunch of folks, my wife & I will be there unless we have an ice storm. Check out the BOA northwest chapter on Facebook.

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As mentioned; the CWT system is used only for English anvils, US anvils were stamped in pounds and European anvils in KG or some in pounds if they were made for shipment to the USA.  So you have to know where the anvil came from to be able to apply the conversion to the weight stamping.

HOWEVER: most anvils will fit nicely on a typical bathroom scale.  Old weight stamps are often "off" by a few pounds...

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