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P5 vs P6 flypress


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I went with the p5 ... I can do everything I want to do with it .... also consider how long you will be useing it in a day..... the extra weight in flywheel will equil extra effort to run flywheel ! what to you plan on useing it for? I use mine to do die work (make acorns on 3/8 sq and other dies) and sheet work(makes ladles real nice!). I occasionally do other things with it but thats my main use...so do you need the extra power? dont know but eather one will be nice!

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I have an old #5 fly press. I can punch a slot (flat ended punch) 1 inch by 1/8 through a 1 inch square bar with 7 bumps. 6 from one side and 1 to clear the slug.
The big issue for me when I started to do this was not the size of the press but the thickness of the table on the base and the amount it flexed under load.

I started with a 1/2 inch plate and quickly went to 1-1/4 thick.

The next problem was one of slop in the flypress.
When fully extended so that the business end of my punch rested upon the plate I had some 'wobble' to the tool.

I did tighten up the ways a little -but I also move the table up another 2-1/2 inches. That removed the wobble and gave me the accuracy that I wanted.

Make sure that you have some method of stripping the hot bar from the tool welded to your table.

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The question I'd actually ask would be, do you have the equipment to move the extra weight of a 6 around the shop and get it set up safely? I've got a small fly press (somewhere between a large 2 and a small 3) and even that weighs well over 600lbs with the base.

Most people say that a 6 is the largest size you can use by yourself, so if you think you'll need the force, a 6 may be the way to go based on the "Get as big a tool as you think you'll need, then go one size up" but I've seen a lot of work done with a substantially smaller one which looks like it'd work just as well for your purpose that you have stated here.

My small one I use on 5/8ths to punch and drift for hatchet heads forged from railroad spikes.

Btw, Mark, great to see such a well known and spectacular smith such as yourself here on iforgeiron ! I'm looking forward to seeing your demonstrations at the atlantic coast blacksmith conference this fall.

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