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Energy prices and forge-time

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I am wondering whether the price of fuels (and indeed life in general) has lead any of you to change your forging habits, either in the time you spend forging, what kinds of things you make (more sellable things or quicker things etc.), have any of you switched to a cheaper fuel?
For me, I've started re-using as much steel as I can, and saving unusable scrap for the scrap yard because steel is getting way more expensive. Earlier this year I also worked out a forge which run efficiently on waste veggie oil, and old motor oil (both free from local restaurants and garages) which has allowed me to still spend a lot of time forging, but I am making things to sell.

Have any of you been effected/affected by the current economic situation?
be Merry,

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I have probably 3 ton of coal behind the shop. It's not great coal, but I can use it.
If I need clean solid fuel, I can make charcoal here on the farm.
Most of my iron/steel comes from the resource pile out back of the shop.
Occasionally, I have to buy steel, but not too often.

I have become more 'stingey' with the o/a torch and the arc welder, and using more traditional techniques to get things done........which just helps my general blacksmithing skills along.

Where I really feel the 'new economy' hitting hardest for me is that I have to spend more time at my 'part time' farming.
I also help my son with his lawncare business, which means we both must devote more time to that endevor as well.

In short, time is the problem here, working harder to keep up........and less time to forge!

James Flannery

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Im with you on the farming. Feed prices are killing me. I have to go pick up about 500 pounds in the morning. Fertalizer ha went insane this year. Onnthe metal working side I have gotten a bit more stingy with the O/A and the O/P...

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as I was just learning how to work everything I spent a lot of time burning propane and not acutally doing anything except figuring stuff out. I've unfortunatly parked my forge for the summer and moved on to making products I can sell that don't require fuel to produce(other then me eating).

Hopefully I'll be able to get back at it in the winter, when my summer markets close up.

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