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Wuhu iron pictures

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Hi. I was searching blacksmith on craigslist and found a post advertising Wuhu iron pictures. It said that they were made by hammer and anvil techniques such as "forge drilling" :confused: . I searched google, and only found commercial links containing very little information, mostly commercial and repetitive.

Has anybody made one? Do they use a form of traditional joinery to make them? Is there a blueprint anywhere :p

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The pictures on the web are intentionally poor and lacking detail. I have never had luck punching (forge-drilling?) such small pieces. They cool rapidly, and it is very easy to get a split.

This past weekend, I made some jewelry out of thin sheet and forged 3/32" rod. Brazed it with brass picture wire and a MAPP gas torch. Wow that MAPP is great! Really gets the brass moving, but you can de-zincify really easily (hold your breath).

Nothing as fine and elegant as that WuHu stuff. I wonder if it is really made cold ;)

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