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Interesting Power Hammer

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Those are pretty cool videos. Seems the spring setup has a lot of motion to worry about, though. Lot of steel moving in all sorts of directions. The design looks like a helve hammer of sorts.

Sure would like to have one of those anvils, though. Very nice ones, IMHO.

Thanks for those links.

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The motor is hydraulic, you can clearly see two lines leading to it in the 'Big Hammer' video. I watched the another video first and swore I saw electrical cord running into it and figures it was an electric motor with maybe an electric clutch. I believe the power cord runs the hydraulic pump that is located just behind and under the anvil.

If engineered correctly, hydraulics can be extremly efficient.

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It sure is a lot of metal moving around at one time. I guess the double spring is necessary to because of the rigid helve arm. Hydraulic motor? I would never have thought of that. I saw some video of guys forge welding using hydraulic presses which looked strange to me but it sure worked. I thought the anvils were nice too but I'm not sure I would use them for a power hammer. I would have a better use for them.

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I guess you'd only lean forward to get a good look once.

I gotta say I'm not terribly impressed, way more moving metal than necessary and it's spread out over several feet in all three dimensions. Just too many things to go wrong for too little versatility and too weak and slow a blow.

Thanks for the videos.


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