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HI-YA from alfonso from Cleveland, OH USA


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I just got the idea in my head that I want to fool around and learn working at an anvil a bit. I viewed some video's of blacksmithing on u-tube...I never realized there was so much skill and tooling involved.

I have worked in manufacturing since 1975, All shops had at lease I anvil if not in my own department, in another, and I just never fooled with them at the time! I 've done a lot of torch bending, heatreating, brazing, welding by hand, in vises, jigs nad fixtures. I never realized what can be done with the anvil and it's attatchments!

I am in the process of adding "novice blacksmithing" to my garage workshop, little at a time by next winter.

I have a box type steel coal stove that can heat up some iron, as well as a OX/AC rosebud and weld/cut set.
I am most skilled at Arc/MIG/TIG/ Gas welding/cutting steel fabrication and plant maintenace. Lathe and Bridgeport vertical mill and all machine trade skills.
Certified AWS welder, Former QA welding technician for Certanium Welding Research Co./AWS member. Even bounced around durring recessions and depressions, as a Construction Dump Driver whatya think?:D

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI. Yeah, you'll fit in just find here... One thing I learned years ago about weldors is that the better weldors are better at slingin' BULL!! ;) Don't forget, we like pictures so show us some of your work as you progress. Enjoy and chime in either with a question or comment whenever.

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Keep in mind that some of the WRABA site (photos and bulletin board) are a bit behind, but the rest of it should be current. It's a great group of guys (I'm a member), and they're very helpful to newbies (if you can track them down long enough!). The Calendar is updated, so just see what event is next, and show up! :D That's what I did.

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Alfonso, what is a good steel supplier in NE Ohio? I'd rather not order my stock online, if I can avoid it.

Pattern Metals Inc.
1266 Highland Rd E
Macedonia, OH 44056
(330) 963-5440

You can stop in anytime to hunt for anything on his short rack, call before going for any full length stock, or to see what he has on hand, and quote prices. There open till noon on Sat.

Tell them you heard about them on IForgeIron
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I had a good time, and got some hands-on intro. Got some personal help from Bob Woodard, and great demo' s from Bob Temple, and Marty Resig, and a few others I can't recall, but were great. I'll tell you the old saying "hard work necesary" must have come from the Blacksmiths!
I even bought a some crafted artwork and flat stock tongs, at thier auction.
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