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Help identifying a Refflinghaus

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Would like some information if there are any folks who have knowledge of this company's product line and history.

The enclosed model is unique compared to today's very limited information on their current web site, in the following ways....

The style #9 which this clearly is, is not currently offered in the 250Kg class, which this is.  When was this weight/style discontinued?

The ARS marking is not current as they now go by Ernst Refflinghaus.  When did this change happen?

The marking location isn't current as they now mark their current offerings on the body.  Have you seen markings by ARS in this area, on other anvils?

What do the alpha numeric characters mean above the touchmark?  I assume the 257502991730_ARS257a.thumb.jpg.e85d91da91e20081bdce01c3b913a78d.jpg is weight since the weight is verified at this value.


Thanks all those who have solid facts concerning the above.



ARS 257 b.jpg

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This is not an Ernst Refflinghaus but an August Refflinghaus Söhne anvil. Same surname, same city, same part of the city (Milspe), same river that drove their waterwheels but different manufacturers. I don't know whether ARSM (August Refflinghaus Söhne Milspe) made these anvils like ER or only traded them under their brand. ARSM does not exist anymore since january 2018.



May the forge be with you




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