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Hose for burner


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Hi all,

I'm giving forging a go as a hobby and need some assistance. Do any of you know of a hose with a high pressure regulator that can go from a 20lb propane tank and connect to a torch made for a 1lb propane bottle?



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So I found this which I know will work for the hose part, but would need an adapter:


And I found this hose, but there is no regulator:


Do I need a regulator?  I would think so but I don't know.

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That's a "I want to bake something; what temperature should I set my oven to?" sort of question.  I can't answer without know all the details of your set up and what you plan to do with it.

I can say that a torch made to run off a 1# canister of propane will not be suitable for any but the smallest of forges. (Single SOFT firebrick forge or micro forge types)

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